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ECO 3 Government Energy Grant


The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) means that the big six energy companies are obligated to pay for energy efficient improvements to UK homes.

Energy efficient measures include; 

  • Loft insulation 

  • cavity wall insulation 

  • solid wall insulation 

  • boiler replacement/repair

  • first time central heating

  • high heat retention storage heaters

  • & more

6,500,000 homes are eligible for the ECO3 Grant

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Green homes grant

The green homes grant is a government initiative to make UK homes more energy efficient.

uk homeowners can receive either a £5000 or £10,000 grant, depending on the energy  measure being installed.

the grant will cover either 66% or 100% of the installation costs, depending on the homeowners financial circumstance.

energy efficient measures included;

  • low carbon heating systems 

  •  insulation

  • double glazing

  • &more

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Green Homes Grant Government

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